Physical Therapist Assistant – Jobs, Schools, and General Education

Joining an institution of higher learning is a big achievement in one’s life. However, knowing which course to take and what that course entails becomes a major issue to young people. This has led to students choosing a career course based on what they here out there or the reputation in the streets. Below is all you need to know about being a physical therapist assistant.

Who Are Physical Therapists Assistants

Physical therapists assistants [PTAs] offer physical therapy services subject to the guidance and supervision of authorized physical therapists. Physical therapists aid folks of all ages who have medical problems and other health associated conditions that restrict them from moving and performing certain activities. Physical therapists offer services in several settings including sports facilities, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, home health and private practice.

how to become a physical theraipst assistant

Services offered and jobs done by physical therapist assistants.

  • Educating patients on fitness for locomotion
  • Exercise for clients walking with crutches, walkers or sticks
  • Electrotherapy, example ultrasound and electrical sensory input.

How much does a physical therapist assistant make?

In any profession, you will find that different people will make a different amount of money within the same job. This is due to various factors such as levels of education, the experience levels of different employees, the position of different employees within the hierarchy as well as the geographical location of workers. Physical therapist assistants are no exemption and the average income is $46,000-55,170$ and it may vary depending on some of the factors mentioned above.

Given the services they offer, one may wonder, where exactly do physical therapist assistants work. Below is a list of places where they can exercise their profession.

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Research centers
  • Home areas
  • Sport and fitness centers

What does a physical therapist assistant do

A physical therapy assistant has so many duties both inside a hospital and out there in the field. Given that they can work inside a hospital or in the fields, their duties are several. Some of the duties include;

  • Enhance physical abilities by diagnosing movement
  • Maintain and restore optimal wellness as it relates to movement
  • Prevent progression of any damage caused by an accident or disease to a patient

How to become a physical therapist assistant

Any career you choose should be one that you truly have the passion for. To become a professional physical therapist assistant, you must have passion to help people. From there, make sure you attain at least the minimum grade required by institutions of higher learning so as to land yourself an enrollment. It is vital to know that different institutions will ask for a different enrollment mark and a different grade in each subject. This means, you must attain a given threshold to get enrolled in a given school. After all these, follow the following steps for a successful career.

  • Get yourself an associate’s degree, that is, from a commissioned program
  • Make sure you pass the licensing exam if at all it is needed in your state
  • Sharpen your field skills after getting the approval to go to field

Education requirements

For one to become a physical therapist assistant, it is required of them to have an associate’s degree in physical therapy assistant. After getting that, they are expected by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy to pass an exam administered by their respective states or the National Physical Therapy Exam so as to get licensing as the last part before they start with their career. Some of the well-known schools that offer the course include;

  • Louisiana College in Pineville
  • University of Indianapolis in Indianapolis
  • California University in Pennsylvania